Audit and Assurance

PBC Associates as a leading Audit Firm in Sri Lanka provides financial statement audit as well as other integrated audit services as follows,

Statutory Audit

We provide independent assurance on financial statements to meet the requirements of statutory bodies according to the Sri Lanka Auditing Standards. We follow comprehensive audit procedure to ensure compliance with Sri Lanka Accounting Standards, Companies’ Act and other regulatory requirements.

Internal Audit

We comprehensively address internal controls, risk management and governance structure to ensure proper performance of your business. Our Internal Audit division offers crucial insights and transparency to each and every area of your business. Our approaches are specially designed towards adding value to the performance of your business to achieve the higher position.

Forensic Audit

As forensic accountants we conduct audits in order to use as evidence for court cases in terms of financial claims. We follow practical steps that are taken in order to gather evidence relevant to the alleged fraudulent activity. Special Purpose Audit / Due Diligence Audit We provide independent assurance to meet the financial information needs of specific users such as bankers and investors.

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